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Tolga Tüzün's new album Phoenix is out on Friday,  Aug 13! 
Click on the image to listen the full album on Spotify. 

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Tolga Tüzün's single Coming Out is available on every digital platforms now!!!

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Selen Gülün - TRE is out!

to order on bandcamp in best audio quality.

Deniz Güngören 5tet's single
Kimseye Etmem Şikayet

Selen Gülün's single Daha Yavaş was released on December 18, 2020!
There are two tracks in this single. Daha Yavaş is a free improvisational solo piano piece, and Slower is an electro-acoustic re-work by Emre Malikler. 

Deniz Güngören 5'tet single

Zülüf out on November 27, 2020!

You can buy & listen Selen Gülün's single Yavaş on Bandcamp, and every digital platforms!