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New Single from Marcello Allulli & Selen Gulun
Una Serata Sbagliata

Una Serata Sbagliata is a composition of Italian composer and saxophonist Marcello Allulli. Longtime friendship of Allulli and Turkish composer, pianist and singer Selen Gülün led the musicians come together and record this lyrical ballad tune in a studio at Rome, 2017 at the end of their concert tour. Emphasize this multicultural collaboration Selen Gülün wrote an additional Turkish lyrics for the end of this beautiful song and sang during the recording.

Releases September 22, 2023
Marcello Allulli, tenor sax
Selen Gülün, vocal, piano

Recorded Live at the studio Rome, Giuseppe Nuccia (Nuccia)
Turkish vocals recorded by Halil İbrahim Işık, Keyboard Istanbul
Mixed by Halil İbrahim Işık
Mastered by Erim Arkman
Cover photo by Zeynep Özkanca

Una Serata Sbagliata kapak.jpg



Longtime friendship of Marcello Allulli, Emanuele de Raymondi, and Selen Gülün led the three musicians to come together and create this multicultural project.
As it took a few years to complete the album, the music in KAPI is the result of many layers of time, travels, places, and experiences. Through real teamwork, each of the compositions found their deeper soul. They recorded the album live in Istanbul in February 2015 at the Bilgi University Music studios. 
KAPI, which means “door” in Turkish, was published by the Italian label EvArt – Arte ed Eventi in November 2016. Throughout the years, Trio opened the “door” for future interdisciplinary collaborations, shared the stage in  Rome, Istanbul and Japan with many great musicians, and visual artists. 

The digital version of the album is re-released by iKi Muzik on August 30, 2023

Listen at Spotify by clicking on the image

Cazın Altın Yılları Elliler (4).jpg

New pocket seminar series
by Selen Gülün 

The Golden Years Of Jazz: 50s

The 10-year period that started after the release of Miles Davis's 'Birth Of The Cool' album forms the modern language of jazz. Within 10 years, the most important movements of jazz music such as hard bop, free jazz, and modal jazz were originated by legendary musicians such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman, and the most important albums of history were released one after another. As writer Steinberger puts it, “Jazz, as a serious and enduring form of art, is essentially a phenomenon of the American 50’s: to understand jazz is to understand the 50’s, and to understand the 50’s is to understand jazz.”

In this 4-week pocket seminar organized by Selen Gülün on behalf of iKi Muzik, we will get to know the currents, musicians and important albums of the period, and embark on an entertaining and instructive journey that is told in depth from the perspective of a jazz musician.

We will meet with Zoom between 20-27.06, 4-11.07, Tuesday, 21.00-22.30.  Sessions will be recorded and the recordings can be watched by the participants for 48 hours.

*The seminar will be held in Turkish.

Anyone who wants to know jazz music can join.
Klick HERE for participating!

Traces of Women in Music

In this inspiring seminar designed by Selen Gülün, we will explore the leading role of women in the world of music, celebrate their creativity, courage and their impact on the universal language of music.

For 4 weeks, we will trace the unique musical journeys of female musicians in music history, while also discussing the impact of music on gender and discussing the challenges women face in the music industry. In the last seminar, we will listen to the impressive stories and experiences of our guest artists.

Let's explore together the impressive works and performances of influential female artists from jazz to classical music, popular music to world music

The seminar will take place online from Zoom between at 9 PM local time in Turkey on Tuesdays, 16-23-30 May, 6 June. Sessions will be recorded and the recordings can be watched by the participants for 48 hours.
*The seminar will be held in Turkish.

Klick HERE for participating!

What Is This Thing Called Jazz?

Pianist, composer, educator Selen Gülün explains the history of jazz from the perspective of an active musician in the field, from the beginning to the present, in a four-week seminar designed as an entertaining, immersive and instructive journey.

The seminar will take place online from Zoom between at 9 PM local time in Turkey on Tuesdays, 4-11-18-25 April. Sessions will be recorded and the recordings can be watched by the participants for 48 hours.

*The seminar will be held in Turkish.

Serhan Erkol's new single Mediterrano
Out on December 16, 2022. 

3 SELEN_GULUN_BLUE_BAND_COVER_300dpi_5000px.jpg

The first album of Selen Gülün's azure jazz orchestra
Blue Band meets the audience

November 18, 2022

click on the image to listen the whole album at bandcamp

Blue Band is an orchestra formed by Selen Gülün with the combination of 3 wind, 3 brass instruments and a standart piano trio as rhythm section. In Blue Band performances, you can come across traces of contemporary music, a standard jazz orchestra style with swings, sections with collective improvisations, sweet melodies, strong harmonies. Selen Gulun composes in care for each performer to reveal their characters in music. The use of instruments in different combinations, such as sextet, septet, octet and nonet in compositions, ensures that the performance takes place in a colorful atmosphere from beginning to end.


Composer and pianist Selen Gülün is an artist who has stood out from other contemporary musicians with her innovative and leading identity in all her music works and has made a place for herself in Turkish music history. Her works were performed in various parts of the world. With the awards she received, she lived and worked in Rome, New York, Boston, London and Tokyo, took the stage with great artists at important stages and festivals. Her music and life was covered and followed by the world's leading media mediums such as Downbeat, New York Times, Herald Tribune, and BBC Radio 3. Her trio album “Answers” peaked at number 6 on the Japanese Jazz charts, and her song album "Baska” peaked at number 4.

At Blue Band concerts, Gülün performs works that go beyond the Classical Jazz Orchestra format, composed by considering the harmony of written and improvised music. Selen Gülün conducts this magnificent orchestra, each of which consists of most valuable musicians of Turkish Jazz scene, and takes the stage together. Until now, Blue Band has given concerts at Borusan Music House, Bova and Zorlu PSM Touche in Istanbul. 



Barış Doğukan Yazıcı, Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Halil İbrahim Işık, Trumpet

Bulut Gülen, Trombone

Serhan Erkol, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax

Engin Recepoğulları, Tenor Sax

Barış Ertürk, Bariton Sax, Bass Clarinet


Selen Gülün, Piano

Ozan Musluoğlu, Contrabass

(*Alper Yılmaz, Electric Bass, #3)

Berke Özgümüş, Drums

Recorded live by Sinan Sakızlı and Ceylan Akçar at Hayyam Studios on May 14-15, 2022.

Mixed by Emre Malikler

Mastering by Jordi Vidal Franch

Album Art work, Özgür Rakıcıyan

Cover designed by Berk Çakmakçı.

Tolga Tüzün's new album Phoenix is out on Friday,  Aug 13 2021 
Click on the image to listen the full album on Spotify. 

Deniz Güngören 5tet's single
Kimseye Etmem Şikayet

Selen Gülün's single Daha Yavaş was released on December 18, 2020!
There are two tracks in this single. Daha Yavaş is a free improvisational solo piano piece, and Slower is an electro-acoustic re-work by Emre Malikler. 

Selen Gülün - TRE is out!

to order on bandcamp in best audio quality.

Deniz Güngören 5'tet single
Zülüf out on November 27, 2020!

You can buy & listen Selen Gülün's single Yavaş on Bandcamp, and every digital platforms!

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